The Sex Files > The X-Files, But for Reasons Other than Hardcore Naughtiness

After I posted the teaser trailer for the X-Files porn parody The Sex Files, I hadn’t planned on running anything more on it for a while. But the folks at New Sensations (who’re the ones releasing the DVD) sent me this trailer, and holy shit if it doesn’t look good. And I don’t mean like a porn parody — I mean genuinely good. First of all, it’s not a comedy — it appears to be going for suspense and supernatural horror, just like its inspiration. Second of all, it appears to have a decent plot (well, for a porn) and one I could actually imagine being a real X-Files episode back in the ’90s. Third, and most importantly, watch it — if there were no title logos and I hadn’t told you it was a porn, it would just look like a really well-made X-Files fan film, wouldn’t it? And not a porn at all, right? That’s insane. And kind of cool, actually.

The craziest thing is that this trailer for the X-Files porn is like 20 times more interesting to me than the actual trailer for the last X-Files movie. I’m not sure whether because The Sex Files is being so well done because the last X-Files movie was so crap, but right now I’m going to say it’s a significant amount of both.