DVD Day: October 6th, 2009 (Plus a Bonus)


?Slow day. Which is totally fine, given how insane the last two weeks were.

? Red Dwarf: Back to Earth
This is the new special that features the crew heading back to present-day Earth, which by all indications was not very good. Still, it’s new Red Dwarf, which has to count for something… right?

? Blood Ties: Season Two
This is apparently some vampire show. I have never, ever heard of ti before. It is old? New? Canadian? I don’t have the faintest clue.

? Karloff and Lugosi Horror Classics
Containing such “horror classics” as The Walking Dead, Frankenstein 1970, You’ll Find Out and Zombies on Broadway. Hey, I told you it was a slow week.

? Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Collection
Amazon refuses to tell me how many DVDs this contains or how many episodes, so all I know is that it’s currently $150.

So if you’re desperate to spend money today, and none of these DVDs are doing it for you (I can’t imagine why) I’d like to point out that volume 1 of The Complete Bloom County comes out today.
Bloom County is, for my money, the newspaper comic strip that ever existed. Sure, Calvin & Hobbes was poignant and deep, and The Far Side was wacky, but Bloom County made me laugh on an incredibly consistent basis. I’ve been dreaming of a complete Bloom County collection since those Peanuts editions came out, and I can’t tel you how excited I am to finally have Volume 1 here in my hands. Plus, it’s gotta be better than Blood Ties: Season Two. Just sayin’.