Serenity for Sale (The Spaceship, Not the State of Being)

serenity 2500.jpg

Are you 1) still bemoaning the cancellation of Firefly and 2) in possession of a great deal of money you need to blow? Then Quantum Mechanix has a deal for you. The company is selling a $2500 replica of the Serenity spaceship (as it appeared in the movie, not the TV series, actually) called “The Big Damn Replica” that stands 19×12 inches, which seems pretty small for the price. So what is that $2500 buying you? From the site:

? Incredible complexity. The kit used to build Serenity consists of more than 250 parts, including resin, brass, aluminum and laser-cut acrylic.
? Film-quality build. Some 30 different colors, including flat and metallic paint, are used in the ship’s multilayer paint master.
? Spitting image. Weathering, wear and other painting effects are designed to exactly mirror the movie version of ship.
? Superior components. Surfaces are crafted to simulate real-world materials – metal, ceramic, even the mirrored surfaces of the solar panels.
? No decals. All graphics on Serenity are painted on by hand.

? Serenity – The Big Damn Replica,
SFX Edition (the only edition we are currently offering) incorporates
some 32 lighting effects, including static, flashing, strobe and chase
? Each Serenity replica will come signed by Nathan Fillion – Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself!
? Wireless remote.
The Serenity Replica includes a wireless remote control to operate
lights with a separate button for activating “hard burn.” Lighting
system automatically shuts down after 15 minutes to help protect the
both the lights and model.
? Serenity’s display base/diorama looks like a landing pad straight out
of The Verse. It comes with an acrylic cradle that shows Serenity in
flight. Standard configuration features Inara’s shuttle taking off
while the other shuttle is docked in its bay.
? Eight crew members can be seen on the bridge.
? Each Serenity is shipped in custom-cut foam and stored in a hand-built
wooden apple crate, just like what the pros use to safeguard their

Furthermore, since these things are all hand-made, you get to choose your engine configuration, whether the shuttles are docked or not, and whether the reactor shutters are open. That’s pretty cool, actually — but is it $2500 cool? I can’t even begin to pretend I have to make that decision, so I’ll leave it up to you rich Firefly fans. The pre-ordering begins here on October 30th. (Via Sci-fi Wire)