The New Star Trek’s Klingons Revealed (Kind Of)

The first of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot’s deleted scenes have hit the web, and it just happens to be the one with the Klingons — masked, but definitely Klingons — so I thought you’d to have a look. The scene shows Nero captured by Klingons in the movie’s “modern” timeline, which helps explain what Nero was doing between arriving in the modern timeline and finally Searching for Spock. I can see why it was cut, since it introduces a new element that just disappears, which can be a little rough on the still-forming brains of mainstream audiences, but it’s a nice nod to fans. Actually, it reminds me of IDW’s Star Trek Countdown comic miniseries, which actually gives Nero a backstory (admittedly, something the film fails to do) and makes the film so much better that it really should be packed with the DVD. Seriously, if you liked the movie and haven’t read it, I highly recommend it — and it even ties in to Next Generation in a way that is unforced and entertaining, even to me, a non-TNG fan.

Oh, most importantly — I hope the appearance of this scene of the interwebs means that the deleted scene with Diora Baird’s Orion Slave Girl is on its way. You know. Just for kicks.