Are You Young, Bored or Easily Entertained?

Thumbnail image for inspector-gadget-the-original-series-20060223115551141_640w.jpg

?Then you’d best turn your web-cranks to immediately. I have no idea what the site name actually means, but I do know that it’s like Hulu for the kiddie set — and, because it’s new and lacking in most recent kids’ shows — it’s filled its line-up with some of your favorite cartoons of yesterday. So you can watch whole episodes of:

? Inspector Gadget
? Captain N
? Strawberry Shortcake
? Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century
? Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
? Super Mario Bros.
and Legend of Zelda
? The Littles

…and more, admittedly a lot of it a lot crappier than these not necessarily awesome titles. But this is such a good idea that I imagine it’ll be easy for Jaroo to get a much wider library, especially of the old stuff. I imagine we’ll be able to watch things like He-Man and The Real Ghostbusters on there before too long, and then we’ll really never be able to get anything done. And, with the nerds thus occupied, civilization will collapse, and we’ll revert to a basic cannibal barbarian-type society. Looking forward to it!