Avatar Blah James Cameron Blah O.J. Simpson Was Almost the Terminator the Hell?!

IGN has a new three-minute clip from Avatar, and I’m posting it because I feel I ought to, even though I don’t have anything praiseworthy or brilliantly cruel to say. It’s beautiful CG animation wasted on very stupid looking aliens. We know already. Whatever.

But what is new — by which I mean old — by which I mean this almost happened a long time ago but was just mentioned by James Cameron in his recent interview with 60 Minutes — is that Fox wanted noted football player and murderer O.J. Simpson in the role of the original Terminator. Holy fucking shit. I’m not even counting the fact that we may not have been blessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, although that’s to horrible to even think about. But can you imagine watching The Terminator now if the role had gone to Simpson? It’s bad enough watching him in The Naked Gun movies, but watching him stalk and attempt to murder a scared innocent woman? AWKWARD. FilmDrunk has the 60 Minutes interview video, but why you would willingly want to watch 60 Minutes is beyond me.