DVD Day: November 17th, 2009


?? Star Trek
I have a hunch that you have already decided whether or not to purchase this movie and any single sentence I post in a DVD Day article will not sway you either way. But if you’re planning on buying it, make sure you get the special edition you want.

? Farscape: The Complete Series
You know, in my nerd career, especially here at TR, I’ve heard from a lot of die-hard fans of Stargate, BSG, Babylon 5 — but never anyone who really loves Farscape. Do they exist? Are any of you out there?

? Leon: The Professional
The movie that inspired a million RPG characters, now on Blu-ray. Truly, Natalie Portman has never done finer work.

? Galaxy Quest
On Blu-ray. Do you need to own Galaxy Quest on Blu-ray? Will HD really improve this movie for you? I’m not judging you, I’m just… actually, I’m totally judging you.

? Evangelion 1.01: You Are (Not) Alone

? Thirst
A vampire movie from the guy who did Oldboy. Currently #1 on my Netflix queue.

? DBZ: Dragon Box One
If you’ve been buying Funimation’s forced-widescreen DBZ “remastered” season sets, you should know that this formerly Japanese exclusive box set contains the first 30 episodes, remastered in the way they were actually meant to be seen (at a 4:3 ratio). but they have no English language track, meaning there will be yet another DBZ release. Have fun with that.

? The Best of Star Trek Vol. 2
Actually, this is two separate releases, one for TOS and one for TNG. It’s one DVD each, and I have no idea what episodes are on it.

? Samurai Princess
Here’s the review that Amazon — not a reader, Amazon — posts for Samurai Princess: “Rocket Feet! Scissor Legs! And yes, Breast Grenades! Aw yeah Mama! — Dread Central.” It is currently #2 on my Netflix queue.