Street Fighter 4 Gets Back to Basics

So remember how I told you that Capcom was going to release a Super Street Fighter IV game in February with more characters and it was only going to be $40? Well, a new video came out from Japan detailing some of the new modes of play — I assume, it’s all in Japanese, but the pretty pictures do indicate some kind of tournament play going on — but what really excites me? Cars and barrels.

Skip to the two-minute mark in the above video, and there they are — the original SFII car-destroying and barrel breaking bonus stages. I can’t believe how awesome that is. I also can’t believe that it’s the barrels and car stages that have me ready to spend $40 on Street Fighter IV, a game I had no desire to play or own until about five minutes. And I suck at every Street Fighter game, so I’m just going to be pissed off. And yet, I have to destroy that fucking car.

I am a sick, sick man.