The Gorn and the Salt Vampire Need a Better Agent

new trek gorn 1.jpg

?I had assumed that the only major deleted scene in the recent Star Trek movie with a character I wanted to see was the one with the lovely Diora Baird. Trek Movie has just corrected me with an exclusive video, part of a featurette on the film’s aliens and their make-up and special effects, which shows off the redesigns for the classic Trek TV aliens the Gorn (above) and the Salt Vampire (below). They were going to be jailed in the Klingon prison ship that held Nero in that subplot that got cut.

new trek salt 2.jpg

?I love all the movie’s nods to the original Trek series, which is certainly my preferred Trek, but I’m also equally happy that the scene didn’t make it into the movie. While I’m all for pleasing the fans — which I maintain these nerd franchise movie have a certain albeit limited obligation to do — certainly they can go too far. The Trek movie had the original characters and classic lines and Sulu fencing and Orion Slave Girls and a plot based almost entirely on the original Spock — and I appreciate those, but that was more than enough. Do too much, and not only does the story inevitably suffer for trying to shoehorn too much in, the fans/nerds can tell when they’re being pandered to as opposed to being rewarded. I’m happy to save these guys for the next movie.