Ghostbusters 3 Coming in 2011 Possibly Maybe


?I think we’re all smart enough not to believe anything anybody says about Ghostbusters 3 at this point, whether it’s Harold Ramis, Signorney Weaver, or me. Clearly, even when they think they know what’s going on, they don’t. But Harold Ramis just claimed that GB3 would start production in 2010 for a 2011 release in an interview with Heeb magazine, and man, I want that to be true — enough that I’m reporting it here despite that there’s no more reason to believe him now than previously. I think the Ghostbusters videogame — not only that they all worked on it, but that it was a success — is probably the best sign that a third movie will come out. But clearly we really shouldn’t get our hopes up until we have the tickets in our grubby little monkey paws. (Via /Film)