G.I. Joe Should Have Done This Years Ago

ijoe mecha.jpeg


You’re looking at an official G.I. Joe mecha. From Hasbro. For real. Apparently the 2010 Joe line will be called Pursuit of Cobra (which is this is inspired by the movie, should be pretty easy, since they took Cobra Commander and Destro in custody at the end — I mean, they’re right in the cell over there, right?) which includes three of varying sizes and (I believe) affiliations. Please, go over to Hisstank to check the other two out, as well some new vehicles and 12-inch figures.

I’ve got to admit, even though I hated the movie, G.I. Joe mecha is pretty damned cool. I’d hate for it to take the places of the more realistic military vehicles which I think define the series, but as a few toys in the line, I’m stoked.