Harry Potter and the Running Around and Looking Upset

The sixth Harry Potter movie hits DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, and it contains a small teaser trailer for Deathly Hallows which obviously leaked to the world wide tubes this weekend. Much like the mind-blowing pic released last week, this trailer confirms that the movie will star Radcliffe, Watson and Grant, and that they will be running around and generally looking unhappy about things. I’m happy to see John Hurt is back for a little bit; I’d forgotten he was in the book, but really, this was pretty lame. I’m not trying to be a bitch, shockingly; it’s just that the Harry Potter trailers have always been awesome — often better than the movies they’ve represented — so I’m just kind of bummed to see one so straight-forward. I imagine they cobbled this together for the DVD, and the next one will be better.