Star Wars Adidas Are Daft Punk-Approved

Folks have been emailing me for weeks about Adidas’ new Star Wars-inspired shoes. Although the shoes are awesome — they’re nerdy enough for hardcore Star Wars fans, and yet still shockingly stylish that bullies might not beat you up and take your lunch money specifically over them — I just haven’t gotten around to it to posting about ’em. That is, until Adidas released a new commercial not only featuring shoes and a variety of Star Wars-isms, but Daft Punk looking ominous at the end. Frankly, I think Daft Punk is going to fight Darth Vader over some Adidas shoes, and I have a nerd boner at the very thought. If you want to see pics or get more info on the shoes themselves, I suggest you check out the coverage over at Toys R Evil.