The First Look at the New Doctor Who Will Blow Your Eyebrows Off

You can tell, because it blew the eyebrows off Matt Smith, even though he’s only starring in it. smith is of course the 11th incarnation of the Doctor, and the BBC was kind enough to include this preview of the new series after “The End of Time” ended on Saturday night. Now, I’ve certainly made fun of Matt Smith’s ridiculous hair and weird face, and many of you all are concerned about his new Doctor. However, I’m pleasantly surprised by this promo — I actually like how awkward he is, both in looks and his ridiculous scream of “Geronimo!”

Look, I’m hardly a Who expert, I’m still working my way through season 3. But if Tennant had one weakness, to me, at least, is that he was too approachable, too accessible as the Doctor. He was so friendly, could drop pop culture references (as discussed earlier) and was like a slightly manic buddy more than an alien Time Lord. Before I started watching, I’d always imagined the Doctor as someone more out of sync with the present, for obvious reasons — probably best epitomized by Tom Baker and his ridiculous get-up. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not sure the Doctor is supposed to fit in so well — and Smith’s silly bowtie, somehwat slien looks and general awkwardness might be just what the Doctor ordered. Plus, he shoots somebody. That shit is hardcore, yo. Thanks to everybody who sent this in.