War for Cybertron’s Optimus Prime and Megatron Toys Revealed! (Somewhere Else!)


?We saw the magnificent War for Cybertron Bumblebee earlier this week, and now UGO has pics of the figures of both the WfC Optimus Prime and Megatron, as well as their Cybertronian vehicle modes. Since they’re a UGO exclusive, it would be shitty to me to re-post them all, so please head here to see Megatron and the vehicles; I like ’em, and I think you will too. I have to wonder — since the toys are following the game and probably tied to that rumored new Transformers cartoon — and we saw an awesome Omega Supreme and Trypticon in the game trailer — do you think we’re gonna get new Omega Supreme and Trypticon figures? Because I will buy those fuckers on principle alone.