Go Team Venture Toys!


Toy Fair 2010 is well underway, and with it comes a blizzard of news about what plastic brilliance you’ll be emptying your wallets for in the months to come. Since it was announced that Bif Bang Pow! (in association with EMCE Toys) would be creating The Venture Bros. figures awhile back, fans of the show wondered what these Mego-styled playthings would look like. Now we know. If the prototypes are anything to go by, these 8-inch figures should please the majority of the series’ rabid fanbase…or at least make them realize what a creepy looking dude Rusty Venture is. As the above photo illustrates, they got The Monarch’s look perfect. But what of Brock Samson? Could his macho swagger and immense girth be properly recreated in toy form?


?Oh hell and
yes! Some scale issues aside, these are a lot of fun. As Rob previously mentioned, having Megoesque Venture Bros. figures just feels perfect given the show’s skewed nostalgic flavor. If you are displeased with these, remember that they are only prototypes and the final product will not look 100% like this. And be sure to head on over to the wondrous Mego Museum for a look at the rest.