Nerds Win: Barbie Is a Computer Engineer


?Remember when Mattel was running a poll to see what Barbie’s next job would be, and I exhorted you all to vote for Computer Engineer and make Barbie a nerd? Well done. From Mattel’s press release:

For the ?rst time ever, Barbie? asked the world to help her select
her next career. Over the past few months Barbie? did research around
the world and also conducted an online voting campaign, calling upon
the world to vote for her doll’s next career – Barbie? has asked her
Twitter followers and fans on Facebook to help her with this important
career decision.

But that’s not all! Consumers loudly campaigned for another Barbie?
career. The winner of the popular vote is Computer Engineer. Computer Engineer Barbie?,
debuting in Winter 2010, inspires a new generation of girls to explore
this important high-tech industry, which continues to grow and need
future female leaders.

“All the girls who imagine their futures through Barbie will learn
that engineers – like girls – are free to explore in?nite
possibilities, limited only by their imagination,” says Nora Lin,
President, Society of Women Engineers. “As a computer engineer, Barbie
will show girls that women can turn their ideas into realities that
have a direct and positive impact on people’s everyday lives in this
exciting and rewarding career.”

To create an authentic look, Barbie? designers worked closely with
the Society of Women Engineers and the National Academy of Engineering
to develop the wardrobe and accessories for Computer Engineer Barbie?.
Wearing a binary code patterned tee and equipped with all the latest
gadgets including a smart phone, Bluetooth headset, and laptop travel
bag, Computer Engineer Barbie? is geek chic.

I didn’t think anything would cheer me up after FFF, but this sure does. I don’t even mind that Barbie’s laptop is ludicrously pink, although I think it’s a shame Mattel didn’t give her a tiny Mountain Dew or bag of Doritos. You’ll be able to pre-order here eventually; thanks to everyone who sent this in. (Via Gizmodo)