The Non-Triumphant, Possibly Inconsequential Return of Battle Beasts

new battle beasts.jpg

?Close to a year ago, Diamond — they of the comic direct market delivery monopoly and Diamond Select toys — announced they’d scored the license to the ’80s Battle Beasts toys. Then, nothing. Then, this week’s New York Toy Fair, where they gave journalists and attendees a free, all-new Battle Beast as a give-away, shown up above. As you can see, it is a half-alligator, half-robot, and it is totally fucking awesome. Does this mean Diamond has more Battle Beasts in store? Are they relaunching the line? Will it be aimed for collectors or actually make it in mass toy stores? The robot-alligator man isn’t talking, and neither is Diamond. But I sure hope it’s all true. (Via 16bit and ASM)