Chris Evans Is Thinking About Being Captain America

captain evans.jpg

Apparently Marvel and director Joe Johnston have asked Chris Evans — whom you probably know best as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in the two Fantastic Four movies — to play Captain America in the live-action film. Also apparently, Chris Evans did not immediately say yes, and I have no idea why. The Fantastic Four movies are supposedly getting rebooted anyways, and Cap’s a much higher profile part with a guaranteed major role in the Avengers film. Why wouldn’t Evans say yes? My hope is that he’s also asking to play Namor in any Sub-Mariner movies, so he can end up as a one-man Invaders team.

Seriously, I hope Evans accepts, and not only because he looks the part. Apparently the final three choices for the role came down to Evans, Sebastian Stan from Gossip Girl, and… G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra‘s Channing Tatum. The latter would be a total disaster, since Tatum doesn’t even have the acting talent of his namesake Carol Channing. You may not like Evans, but I’d even take the bizarrely rumored John Krasinsky as Cap if it meant keeping Tatum from smearing his awfulness all over the movie. So basically, I’m asking you to cross your fingers and pray with me that Evans accepts. Or that Channing Tatum gets hit by a bus.