Expendables Rip-off Game Now Has Official Expendables Content


Remember Broforce, the game that basically lets you play as thinly disguised versions of every major action hero of the ’80s, in an ’80s-style shooter?

Quite smartly, Sylvester Stallone’s attempt to do the same thing in a movie has now teamed up with it to create The Expendabros, featuring actual licensed parodies of those stars as they appear onscreen today. It really highlights how boring their all-black outfits are, but whatever – the game’s free to play, presumably in the hope that you’ll want to pay for the original Broforce afterwards.

Yes, licensed movie games usually suck. But amusing rip-off games that later get granted the actual license in the spirit of fun? There’s not a lot of precedent for that.

h/t SlyDante777