Comics Trifecta: Darkwing Duck, Batman Beyond, O.M.I.T.


?? This weekend at the Emerald City Comic Con, Boom! Studios announced they would be publishing a new Darkwing Duck comic series. I know you guys have a lot of love for the terror that flaps in the night, so I thought you’d be interested. It’s a 4-issue mini-series debuting in June. (Via Comics Alliance)

? Also, DC will be starting a new Batman Beyond comic, also in June. This is after Terry McGinnis makes an appearance in this year’s Superman/Batman Annual… alongside someone — or something — named Superman Beyond. Huh. (Via Robot 6)

? Marvel handed out guitar picks at the Kirby Krackle concert at the con bearing the acronym “O.M.I.T.” Obviously, the obvious guess is that Marvel is doing some kind of O.M.A.C.-type thing (especially since Jack Kirby created O.M.A.C. for DC, and it was a Kirby Krackle concert) but other theories are welcome. (Via Robot 6)