The Prince of Persia Movie Still Boggles Me with Its Goodness

It’s the second official trailer for the live-action Prince of Persia movie, and it’s still looking surprisingly great. First of all, it’s nice to see that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character is actually a prince, thus not totally invalidating the title. Yes, he’s still an orphaned street urchin, but at least at some point he becomes prince and the movie acknowledges that transformation as unusual — I was afraid he was just going to be made prince at the end a la Aladdin.

Second of all, while I’m not buying — or at all entertained by — the love story between Dastan and the chick, the Sands of Time effects and Gyllenhaal running around the castle straight out of the game more than makes up for it. Seriously, if the movie was just two hours of Jake recreating the action of the first game, I’d be there on day one, with popcorn. As is, this looks shockingly fun — not essential, but fun. (Via IGN)