Wolverine Has a First Class Ticket to Tokyo


?Just so you know, the second Wolverine movie is officially on, with a script based on the ’80s Wolverine comics where he’s goofing around in Japan, and due to start production next January. I assume this fills most of you with dread, given the debacle that was the first Wolverine movie, but for some reason I’m cautiously optimistic. First of all, this Wolverine movie is based on something — those Claremont  and Frank Miller comics, which, if not perfect,  at least told a coherent story. Second of all, aren’t beholden to tell Wolverine’s origin this time — meaning there’s less likelihood of them shoehorning random, nonsensical crap in there, although I bet we’ll get a bunch of mutants we don’t need or don’t belong there. So maybe they’ll be able to tell an actual story this time instead of just having random scenes scotch-taped together, which had nothing to do with each other, let alone the actual X-Men movie trilogy.

Of course, I may only be cautiously optimistic because I have a hard time believing that people could make a worse film than X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It just doesn’t seem mathematically possible to me. Chances are, if someone can find a way, it’d be the dipshits behind the first movie. Oh well. (Via /Film)