X-Cops > X-Men

The first two Bryan Singer-directed X-Men movies were all right, but I’m afraid compared to this new trailer for the Hong Kong flick Future X-Cops, they just don’t hold up. I mean, both X-Men and X-2 had a severe lack of:

? Cyborg hitmen
? Bulletproof metal bat wings
? Men with multi-headed dragons for arms
? People throwing occupied roller coasters at each other
? Andy Lau pulling off M. Bison’s Psycho Crusher move
? Andy Lau also driving a flying mini-jet into a woman, then proceeding to drive it and her through three or so walls
? Some dude spinning a Ferris wheel around — by hand — so fast that the cars fly off

Advantage: Future X-Cops. Sorry, Wolverine. I’m afraid you’re no longer quite the best at what you do. (Via Gamma Squad)