Holy @#%$, Hot Toys Made a Toy That Looks Like a Toy


?I’m not knocking Hot Toys, I’m just grateful to be reminded that the Hong Kong 12-inch toymaker is in fact staffed by humans and not, say, nerdy angels or anything. Granted, perhaps the only reason Hot Toy’s 12-inch Iron Man 2 Whiplash figure looks like a figure is because the character doesn’t wear sleeves and thus his shoulder elbow joints are exposed, unlike other figures, or Iron Man, whose joints are entirely hidden by his armor. Also, Mickey Rourke doesn’t look much like a real human being in general, so they have that working against them too. Still, it’s not like Hot Toys didn’t do the best with what it had:


?Look at that sculpting! Look at the tattoos! The texture on the skin! It’s just fucking absurd. You can see more equally absurd pics of the figure over at Marvelous News.