Jedi: A$$holes of the Galaxy

I already mentioned that the Clone Wars was bringing back young Boba Fett in order to utterly eradicate the mystery that even the Clone Wars director Dave Filoni knows is the reason the character is cool. But I’m actually showing this clip of the Clone Wars season 2 finale because it’s just a lovely period to Mr. Plinkett’s massive Attack of the Clones review about how the prequel Jedi suck and are nothing like the Jedi of the original trilogy.

Mace Windu: “Boba was on Geonosis when his father died… he watched as I killed him.”
Other Jedi:  “That would complicate things.”

Yes, the heroic Mace Windu heroically beheaded a man right in front of his young son, and now that this heroic act of murder has led the son to seek revenge, the heroic Jedi view it as an aggravated annoyance. Shame you boys didn’t foresee this happening. Shame you guys left an orphaned boy on Geonosis, since Mace Windu clearly knew he was there if he knew Boba was watching him. Shame you guys didn’t give a shit about the kid before, during, or after killing his dad. Shame you guys even now aren’t worried about the boy you orphaned, but are only irked about how it affected your war.

Jedi = assholes. That is all.