Konami Has Free Luchas for Everybody

I had thought that Konami, along with its new Rush n’ Attack game, had released a new trailer from the Kojima Productions-made Castlevania: Lord of Shadows game, and that I was going to have to run it. But they didn’t, and I’m actually glad, because while it looks better than all the other 3-D Castlevania games (mostly because all of those games were fucking terrible), it’s because it looks like a God of War clone, of which there are dozens flooding game shelves. It was hard to care, and I’m glad I don’t have to. Besides, who gives a shit about a crappy 3-D Castlevania when Konami’s also making a Lucha Libre wrestling game?

An all-masked, all-Lucha Libre wrestling game? FUCK AND PLEASE, Konami.