Someone Is Still Making Resident Evil Movies and I Don’t Know Why

Someone debuted a trailer for a fourth Resident Evil movie at Wondercon this weekend, subtitled Afterbirth Afterlife. I don’t know why they did this. I don’t know why people keep making Resident Evil films. They’re not good. They’re not so bad that I feel they’re the work of the devil or a punishment from a vengeful god or anything. They just suck. They’re somehow goofier than the videogames. They “star” Ali Larter. They don’t have anything to do with anything. And apparently, the big draw is that Afterlife has been FILMED WITH THE JAMES CAMERON/VINCENT PACE FUSION CAMERA SYSTEM, which, I feel, if that’s the most exciting part of your trailer — or moreover, you feel that your film needs that text for people to get excited about it — or, frankly, that you think anyone outside of Variety subscribers give a shit about THE JAMES CAMERON/VINCENT PACE FUSION CAMERA SYSTEM just fucking say it’s in 3-D or something –you have failed as a filmmaker. Bleh. (Via /Film)