Bat-Pilgrim’s Precious Little Action Figure


?DC Direct is making toys of Grant Morrison’s Return of Bruce Wayne series. I got really excited, because I called this like two months ago, and then I remembered that DC Direct makes figures out of half of all their comics and it doesn’t take a genius to realize the odds of a Batman-centric line — especially one containing non-traditional and/or ridiculous bat-themed costumes — were pretty much 1:1. That’s Witch-Hunting Batman above, and the other three figures include the Cave-Batman, Pirate Batman, and the Bat Ranger, or whatever the Western one is called. That means the ’50s-style Bat-Noir-Detective is the odd Batman out, but since he was pretty much just a dude in a suit and the other figures are of cavemen and pirates, I think we’ll live. You can check out the other figures over at ToyNewsI.