Lost Ain’t Over Yet


?AHAHAHAHA YOU ONLY THOUGHT YOU WERE DONE. The other night Michael Emerson told Attack of the Show there’s going to be a 12 or so minute “epilogue” video as an extra on the Lost season six DVDs. Since the finale explicitly said that Hurley became the guardian of the island after Jack (and I swear to god if anyone complains about spoilers I will lose my shit, it’s been four days and what the fuck are doing on the internet in general and a nerd news site in specific, asshole) with Emerson’s Ben as his #2, one would have to imagine that the video will be about them… uh… guarding the island. I doubt it’ll have any major answers that people are looking for — you know, since the show itself didn’t provide any answers — but I’d watch Hurley and Ben drinking iced tea, so I’m good.

Oh, by the way, TV Shows on DVD has a pretty fuzzy pic of the Complete Series DVD set due in August; looks like it comes in a temple-looking package, contains an ankh, Jacob and the Man in Black’s game, a map of the island, and possibly some other crap. Just so you know. (Via /Film)