Lost Video Nonsense Trifecta

? In case you went to bed before Kimmel, here are those three “alternate” endings to the finale. If you were wondering who else thought of the joke that they should wake up in Bob Newhart’s bed… well, it was everybody.

? Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci sing “Why Isn’t There More Fucking on This Island?” a tender love song that is also a pretty valid question when you think about it. It includes a bad Ben impression, but it also contains the lyrics “You can crash your plane between my right thigh and my left thigh” which delights me to no end. Thanks to Mike S. for the tip.

? And for all the Lost haters who have had to suffer through today, I hive you this — a video of Lost with gratuitous fart noises. I’m sure it sums up how you feel about the show pretty eloquently. Me, I still like Lost, but I looooove things with fart noises added to them. (Via Warming Glow)