TR Contest: TR Contest


?I’m so fried, guys. I was wrecked before I started working on today’s epic SpongeBob rape/torture FFF, and that didn’t help. All I want to do is stop typing and fix myself a large drink, and maybe cry for a little bit. And I can’t think up a contest to save my life… except one.

Guys, it’s time for you to give me TR contest ideas… for the contest. Get it? This’ll just be like the Daily List idea contest from a few months ago, except for contest ideas. The best couple of ideas win shirts, and any ideas I end up using on TR will get credited. So this way I don’t have to rack my brain coming up with a contest idea today or in the future, you all get to tell me what contests you would like, and then I have months of ideas that I know you guys already approve of. Everyone wins! Especially me!

So you can enter as much as you want. Entries that are too long — and I’m not telling you how long is too long, just play it safe — will be disregarded. Contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, May 17th. And that picture came up when I Google imaged searched “nerd contest.” No, I have no fucking clue either. Have a good weekend, folks.