And the Green Lantern Movie Villain Is…


?…on the next page, because it’s a spoiler. Which means it’s not Hector Hammond, since we already knew Hammond would be in the movie and that would be a shitty surprise on my part if that was the information I was saving until after the jump. Also, it’s not G’nort, although it should be, because I hate G’Nort. I hate G’Nort more than Ch’p or whatever the fuck his name is, which is saying something, because Ch’p was a squirrel Green Lantern who was fucking run over by a car. This is getting weird. Just hit the jump.

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Parallax. The official Green Lantern movie synopsis has made its way to the intertubernets, and Parallax is the villain. Which means Geoff Johns only knows what role Hector Hammond plays, and confirms that Sinestro won’t be evil until movie two or so. Now, since I refuse to read about a group of superheroes that can’t save themselves from a mildly busy freeway, I’m hardly a GL expert, but… how does this work? Doesn’t Parallax possess Hal after his city dies and turn him into a supervillain? Is Hal really going to be a supervillain in the first movie? Or is Parallax just going to be some generic thing for the Lanterns to fight? Also, as Comics Alliance points out, this is a good springboard to set up the Skittles Lantern corps without a bunch of Silver Age continuity tying everything down. What do you guys think?