Mattel and Nickelodeon Have a Cat Fancy


?From New York magazine:

Voltron, the popular eighties cartoon and toy line, is being
revived by Nicktoons and Mattel with a brand-new animated series and toy
line called Voltron Force. This is notable because it confirms
a trend favoring relaunching eighties-toy franchises with small
children in mind rather than rebooting them with big-budget movies aimed
at nostalgic older fans, as with Transformers and G.I. Joe.
This is good news for little boys, and bad news for anyone hoping for a
very serious hard sci-fi film about a giant robot made out of
mechanical lions.

Hmm. Mattel and Nickeleodeon grabe the Voltron rights a week after Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. and Bandai announce a new ThunderCats franchise? Quite the coincidence.

You ever wonder if we nerds are fucking things up for today’s kids? I mean, there’s hardly any new cartoons or toys for kids because companies keep relaunching the shit we loved as kids. There’s hardly any room for shows and toys that aren’t nostalgia driven. The companies try to shove these old franchises down the throats of kids, just because they were successful in the past.And when they fail, because kids don’t give a shit about some show their dad liked, instead of trying something new, the companies just relaunch another old property. If I were a kid nowadays, I think I’d hate us.