River Tam Makes a Compelling Argument


?Remember the Tonner Captain Mal figure I posted yesterday? Well, oddly (in the sense that I haven’t heard about any Firefly merchandise in years and here are two items in two days), some company called Quantum Mechanix is releasing a River Tam statue today. Let’s see how this thing compares to the Mal figure, shall we?

? Unlike the Mal figure, River has no articulation.
? She doesn’t look any more like Summer Glau than the Mal figure looks like Nathan Fillion.

? Unlike the Mal figure, the River statue does resemble like a human being.
? The statue is only $70, unlike the Mal figure’s ludicrous $150.

I’d go with the statue, frankly. It’s going to go on sale at 1:00 pm EST right here. (Via io9)