Breaking: Batman Peed His Pants

Oh my god. Oh my god. This just happened. Like yesterday. In the official DC Comics series Batman: The Widening Gyre, written by Kevin Smith — yes, that Kevin Smith — issue #6, the following exchange takes place. First let me remind you this is not an Elseworlds story; it’s perfectly in-canon, although it is a limited series starring Bruce Wayne. Ready? You’re not ready. But here it is anyways:


?Batman pissed himself. And he retroactively pissed himself during one of the most iconic moments of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, according to Kevin Smith. Batman. Had a “bladder spasm.” Causing the World’s Greatest Detective to fill his tights with urine. AS MENTIONED IN AN OFFICIAL, IN-CANON DC COMIC BOOK. I can always count on Chris Sims and Comics Alliance to find the most awful comic panel in existence, but holy fucking shit have they topped themselves this time. Until Superman takes a dump while flying and it lands on a pedestrian at some point, I think we have a new grand champion.