SDCC: Random SDCC Things

odin throne.jpg

?? I’m posting this from the Wired Cafe, which absolutely the greatest place in the world. Free food, booze, internet connection that actually works — it’s the only chill place at SDCC. You have them to thank for my afternoon posts today. If it weren’t all free I would totally whore myself out to be here, without any hesitation.
? The other big “thing” in the exhibit hall of note (besides pantsless space cop Abin Sur) is Odin’s throne, above, from the Thor movie over at Marvel. Unfortunately, it isn’t very clearly labeled as Odin’s throne, and it doesn’t look particularly like a throne a Norse god would sit in, so most people I’ve talked to have had no idea what the hell it is.
? Last year at SDCC, Thursday was kind of a chill day. It wasn’t as crowded, because it wasn’t Saturday but panels had started. Today has been like last year’s Saturday. I’m genuinely afraid.
? I don’t know when all the company’s decided Burger King Kids Klub-style cardboard hats would be the “thing” for SDCC 2010, but they obviously did. Marvel has groovy Galactus hats, I think Mattel has Starro, someone has DBZ Goku hair, and then there’s an Alien facehigger thing.
? The booth babes who seem most likely to be porn stars or professional prostitutes in their regular lives are working the Green Hornet booth. Just sayin’.
? I bought a Masters of the Universe He-Ro figure, the SDCC exclusive from last year I refused to get because the lines were insane, today. I give Mattel a lot of shit on this site, but it’s mostly because I love He-Man so damn much, and as one of my nerd passions, I magnify all the problems to ridiculous degrees; it’s one of those things I love so much I kind of hate it, in truest nerd fashion. Just a reminder that whenever I bitch about this stuff, I’m being just as bullshit as any horrible nerd. In case you guys ever thought I was putting on any airs.