SDCC: The New Tron: Legacy Event Is Also Awesome (I’m Told)

I haven’t been able to see anything or buy anything related to the Tron: Legacy movie; apparently, telling Disney that I’ve often written about how much the Tron sequel makes me masturbate is not conducive to them give me access or that awesome 25th anniversary figure from Spin Master. So i was not invited to go along with /Film to see the new Flynn’s Arcade set/event/thing, which included Bruce Boxleitner and lots of awesomeness. This is pretty tragic, but the insult to injury is that since the internet sucks out here, I can’t even watch the 13-minute video of them all going through Flynn’s. I’m posting it because I’m pretty sure it’s awesome, and hopefully it’ll work for you guys. If it works and it’s awesome, don’t tell me. I’m upset enough right now.