The Super Hero Squad Show Still Has Super Voice Casting

I don’t know why I haven’t watched any episodes of Marvel Super Hero Squad cartoon yet. I mean even if it isn’t particularly good, the voice cast is brilliant — frankly, there’s no excuse for not watching a show where George Takei voices Galactus. And the next season’s voice casting is equally brilliant, as it includes…

? Ty Burrell from Modern Family as Captain Marvel
? Katee Sackhoff as She-Hulk
? Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory as Nightmare
? Adam West as Darkhawk Knighthawk (ha!)
? Jane Lynch as Kang’s daughter Nebula

And that’s just the roles TV Guide knows of, because Jonathan Frakes, James Marsters, Michael Dorn, Mark Hamill, Kevin Sorbo and John Barrowman will be doing voices as well. Although if Barrowman’s playing Northstar I’m going to sue someone for sexual orientation typecasting. (Via TV Guide)