Could the Green Lantern Movie Affect Ryan Reynolds’ Chance of Doing a Deadpool Movie? YES, DUH


I’ve seen this same headline on almost all the movie and comic sites this week, and it’s driving me crazy. Why? Because the answer is YES, DUH — of course the Green Lantern movie is going to fuck up the chance of a Deadpool movie. I told you guys this before, the minute Reynolds signed on to play Hal. Look, I’m not psychic, but it only takes a little common sense to see figure out what’s going through Warner Bros.’ mind here.

Warner believes it’s going to have a hit, and wants to milk the GL franchise as much as it can. Thus they want to start a GL sequel ASAP — they’ve already hired a screenwriter for GL2, and Hollywood scuttlebutt says they might film GL2 and 3 back to back. This would prevent Reynolds from doing much of anything besides Green Lantern for several years, other than maybe an indie or two. That’s just good Hollywood business.

Just as importantly, I promise you Warner Bros./DC has no desire to have the lead of their second-biggest DC movie franchise playing another goddamn Marvel character on the side. I guarantee the accelerated Green Lantern movie schedule is partially to keep Reynolds too busy to do a Deadpool movie, although I still say the sequels/box office is the bigger reason. So Ryan Reynolds thinks he can play both roles. So what? No executive cares what Ryan Reynolds thinks. He’s a commodity to them, and one that Warner can control. They’re not going to let him play for the other team unless something crazy happens.

So, as I told you before, I say the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie is dead in the fucking water. The only chance it has is if Green Lantern tanks and WB scraps the sequels entirely, but I don’t think that’s particularly likely. Sorry about your luck.