More @#$% People Are Saying About Ghostbusters 3


?Let me be clear: Until Ghostbusters 3 actually starts production — like, real production — it is Topless Robot‘s stance that the movie will never be made. I don’t care who says what, I don’t care what trade mag announces whatever, I don’t care what contracts are signed; until there’s one actual day’s filming on the movie, I refuse to believe Ghostbusters 3 is ever, ever happening.

There’s just been so much said about the movie — mostly by its theoretical participants — with no way of knowing what’s real or not. Bill Murray in particular has seen a script, hates the script, loves the script, will only do the movie if the script makes him a ghost, has never seen a script what are you talking about — who the fuck knows what the truth is? I don’t even think people are lying — it’s just that Ghostbusters 3 has fallen into some weird movie dimension where people can talk about it but it can’t ever possibly be made.

So feel free to not bother to believe these new “announcements;” I sure don’t. Bloody Disgusting says that now the movie will be about..

? Dana’s grown-up kid Oscar, who wants to be a Ghostbuster
? Also Oscar is suddenly Venkman’s biological kid
? And Rick Moaonis is supposedly coming out of retirement to play Tully again.

If i may retort: Ha, piffle and poppycock, respectively. (Via /Film)