One Piece Gets the Band (of Pirates) Back Together



I told you guys about a month ago that the One Piece manga in Japan was going on break for a month, and during that month two years would pass in the manga. Well, the month is over and One Piece is back, and if you haven’t read the scanlations already (you naughty boys and girls) there are some significant changes in Luffy and his crew now that they’re two years older. I’ve got the new art spread after the jump, in case you don’t want to be spoiled, or have high enough morals that you’re waiting for the official U.S. release (thanks to Michael B. for sending me the pic and taking the decision away from me).

one piece 598 spread.jpg


? Luffy: Taller, buffer, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, and with a huge scar on his chest.
? Zoro: Scar over his right eye — possibly missing it entirely. Apparently there was a hoohah about whteher Zoro had lost his arm, since it looks oddly tiny and is hidden behind Luffy, but since Zoro’s still carrying all three swords, I think it’s fine.
? Nami: Long hair. Someone said she had bigger breasts, but since Nami’s breasts have been getting bigger all 12 years the manga has been running, I’m not so sure it’s an age thing.
? Usopp: Usopp is awesome! Long hair, and crazy buff — for him, at any rate. A new hat, too. I know this is just one pic, but he seems wildly more confident and less cowardly than before.
? Sanji — Hair parted on the other side, which is the kind of news that rocks One Piece fans’ worlds and no one else understands. I love that both his eyebrows curl the same way — no wonder he always keeps one of them hidden. The light mustache and goatee is a nice look as well.
? Tony Tony Chopper — A blue thing on his hat. I assume whatever changes he went through will manifest in his transformations.
? Nico Robin — No bangs and longer hair. Not much else that I can see.
? Franky — HE’S HUGE. Like, twice the size he was before. Plus, his head is shaved, his arms are even more ridiculously massive, and he has crazy red robot hands.
? Brook — He is dressed like a rock star. I guess a living skeleton couldn’t be expected to change physically, and he couldn’t lose his afro for obvious reasons (obvious to insane OP fans, at any rate).

So that’s that. I’m kind of boggled that the series I’ve loved for a decade has changed so much on me — it’s one of those nerd thing where you’re excited to see an update, but also a little sad — but I think I’m down with all of it. At any rate, by virtue of the fact that One Piece has been consistently good for 13 straight years — cough Naruto cough — is all the reason I have not to doubt the creator.