TGS Video Trifecta: Codename D, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, FFXIV

? Suda51, the madman behind No More Heroes and Killer 7, has a new game coming out called Codename D. It’s going to be for Microsoft’s Kinect nonsense.In case you were worried that the game would make any sense whatsoever, watch the teaser above — I think you’ll be pleased.

? Capcom announced the newest character in MVC3 — Wolverine’s jailbait clone-daughter X-23. She’s not that cool, actually. And with every passing roster announcement, my hopes that Dr. Druid will finally make the cut get grimmer grimmer.

? Despite the fact I have no intention of playing FFXIV, I still feel compelled to cover it — especially the opening video to the game, where some dude picks up a card and has the DTs or something. It’s gorgeous, though. Square Enix can still make a damn fine CG movie. Too bad they can no longer make good games. OH, SNAP!