Hilarious Kickstarter Fail for a $3,000 Civil War Batman Comic


The things you find on Kickstarter sometimes…

batman told like never before Batman becomes a legacy from father to son starting in the civil war picture is not my design

Okay then. So you’re starting off by taking an idea someone else has pretty much had already. Anything else?

The only real challenge I can really for see is getting DCs permission to do this but with the money i raise here i will fly to burbank and pitch my idea to them and hope that they okay it
Thank you for your time

Oh my, that is a challenge. You’re counting on them taking a meeting with a total stranger, and you want them to take an unsolicited pitch. Well, I suppose you could impress them with a really great story idea that might wow…oh, wait…

I want make my mark on the batman legacy. I want to write a series spanning over one hundred years of the cowl being handed down from father to son starting back in the civil war era when Bruce Wayne’s Great Great Great Grandfather had his entire family slaughtered by union soldiers and went out to seek vengeance during this he fathered a son right before his death who was taken by Ra’s Al Ghul and trained by the league of shadows. If I go any further it will ruin the series so if you like it please donate

I’m not sure it’s possible to ruin any of this, but fair enough. $3,000 is being solicited. A total of four donors thus far has raised $13.

h/t Nick Robinson, who donated one dollar.