The Avengers Assembly Begins

The Avengers cartoon doesn’t premiere on Disney XD until October 20th, but Marvel already has the first of several minisodes to get kids — and older, highly interested nerds like myself — into the show. This first one is about Iron Man facing off against Hydra at the U.N., and I have to say I’m immensely digging it. I like the fact that the show position Iron Man almost as if the cartoon is a sequel to the movies. I like the reasonably clever banter — better than most cartoons — doesn’t sound like it’s talking down to the audience, even if that audience is supposed to be kids. And I like the fact that Iron Man shows up and immediately kicks Hydra’s ass, without any arbitrary crises — this very much seems like a show that’s going to be about Earth Mightiest Heroes. I don’t want these guys to learn how to work together or learn how to be a hero or whatever — I want them to kick fucking ass, and if there’s a problem its because the ass is so big they have to figure out how to kick it. Metaphorically speaking. Point is I’m looking forward the Avengers cartoon more and more. Of course, it helps that this clip also didn’t have that godawful theme song.