A Short Preview of the Final Fantasy XIII Games That Might Not Suck Out Loud

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy XIII is fucking horrible and no one likes it, not even in Japan, Square Enix is still busy at work on their two FF13 tie-ins, mostly because if they stopped now they’d be out several million dollars. The two games are Final Fantasy Agito XIII, for the PSP, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, made by Tetsuya Nomura, the guy behind the last few good Final Fantasy games and Kingdom Hearts, for the PS3. I don’t give a shit about the PSP, and nothing with FF13 in the title will be tempting me. However, seeing this footage of Versus, I’m actually feeling the first small sliver of hope regarding the FF franchise, since FF13 snuffed it out so brutally. It appears to have a world map, which is nice, and the combat appears not to have that godawful paradigm system, which is also a plus. Mostly, I like that it’s called Versus 13, as if it’s saying “Yes, this game also hates Final Fantasy XIII, just like you.” I feel I can trust a game like that. (Via Kotaku)