A Smattering of Awesome Toy Pics from NYCC



? First and foremost, Hasbro showed off its Marvel Masterworks Sentinel. I liked their Galactus because of the awesome SDCC cardback package, but this figure is just gorgeous, all on its own.

? They also showed off a bunch of their upcoming Captain America figures (all comic inspired) and a few of their movie Thor figures, including Anthony Hopkins as Odin. Your best best to see them all is to go to the Marvelous News gallery here.

? I’m assuming Hasbro showed off these upcoming Star Wars vintage-style figures at NYCC, but even if they didn’t, they’re pretty awesome.

? Mattel showed off its second wave of Green Lantern Classics, which will be hitting stores alongside DCUC to coincide with the live-action movie. Three things of note: Wave 2 will include a movie Parallax figure, there will be a three-pack of the cat Red Lantern, a squirrel Green Lantern (not Ch’p), and some other thing, and most importantly, an all-new Red Lantern character designed by the Four Horsemen will will later be incorporated into the Green Lantern comic. Geoff Johns named the character… and I’m totally serious about this… Night Lik. And I thought the Star Sapphires were the ones obsessed with love…