Geek Apparel of the Week: Vampire Photo Booth and Dicknose



? Topless Roboteer Matt Needham has designed yet another shirt for Woot, which seems appropriate for the season. Not only do I like the cartoon — it’s rare that you get to wear a shirt which pictures someone bursting into flames on it — but if you go to the order page, you can see the comic is on the shirt’s right side, which looks pretty nice, really. It’s $15 over at Woot.



? I know you know that the “What Are You Looking at Dicknose” shirt worn by Stiles in Michael J. Fox’s other ’80s masterpiece Teen Wolf has been on the internet forever, but it was a great segue into mentioning that Found Item Clothing has a very solid movie character costume idea guide, and the ideas are all very simple and cheap because they involve t-shirts — which Found Item sells –and little else. For instance, all you need to be Stiles is the shirt, some turquoise slacks, a pair of sunglasses, and a douchey attitude. They even have suggestions on where to get all the other items for each costume. The guide is here; the Dicknose shirt is sold here for $22.