Marvel and DC Drop Comic Prices from Obscene to High But Reasonable



Yesterday at the New York Comic Con, both Marvel and DC announced that they were ditching the $3.99 price point for future comics, and would instead be selling all regular comics at $2.99. That Marvel and DC both announced the same initiative on the same day was a massive coincidence, I’m sure. I don’t really have anything to say on the matter, especially with DC veep Dan Didio says this:

In a statement, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio admitted that the $3.99 price
point of individual books had left fans “increasingly reluctant to
sample new titles,” with “Long term fans… beginning to abandon titles
and characters that they’d collected for years.”

Or, if I may translate, “NO SHIT, SHERLOCK.” If you’re an average comics fans, I’d day you’re buying at least 10 comics a month. The difference between $30 and $40 is by no means insignificant, especially if you want those consumer to eventually buy the trades, too. (Via Comics Alliance)