The New Mortal Kombat Is the Old Mortal Kombat

If anyone was worried that the new Mortal Kombat game was going to improve anyway upon the old Mortal Kombat games, this video should set you at ease. It’s a montage of Scorpion’s moves, complete with the horrible, generic attack detection and ludicrous launching and air combos that make Street Fighter look realistic and nuanced. Yes, it appears that you can occasionally break someone’s bones in the game — in addition to actual Fatalities, I would suppose — and if you’d rather have that thank, say, an even slightly decent fighting engine, more power to you. Frankly, what sums this new MK up for me is that the video is titled “Scorpion’s Killer Moves,” and 5/6ths of the video is Scorpion doing the exact same punches and kicks that he’s be doing since 1992. “Killer” indeed.